Hello and welcome to Gritton Sales. As a homeowner in today’s society, you should understand the paramount importance of keeping your home secure. The crime rate has risen steadily and this can be very concerning for homeowners and even renters. Here at Gritton Sales, we wholeheartedly sympathize with your concerns and worries. Have no fear, because technology has advanced in abundance and it is easier than ever before to enhance your home’s security. With our assistance and a little patience, you will be able to better secure your home and reclaim your peace of mind. Below, you will learn a little more about the massive array of home security systems.

Exploring Our Array Of Home Security Monitoring Options

A security system can undoubtedly provide a homeowner or renter with an abundance of peace of mind. Of course, not all security systems are created equally. There are numerous variables, which will help to determine the overall effectiveness of your security system. For starters, you should realize that monitoring the system thoroughly is pertinent
Posted On 14 Dec 2015

Why You Should Read Customer Wireless Home Security System Reviews

Due to the volatile times more and more homeowners are recognizing the need for a home alarm system. Growing widely in popularity is the wireless home security systems. The reasons they are so popular is because they can be purchased at a local hardware store, easily installed, and th
Posted On 11 Dec 2015

Examining The Various Home Security Alarm Companies

As of recent, more and more homeowners are realizing the need for a home security system. While there are lots of different options that you have when it comes to choosing the type of system to install in your home, a monitored system will be the most expensive option. Many homeowners
Posted On 14 Dec 2015

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Determining Your Desires And Needs


Before delving into the specifics and features, it is essential to figure out precisely what is needed for your individualistic situation. Each homeowner will require a unique solution for their problem. To make the determination, a variety of different variables will need to be explored. Below, you will find a list of the most important things to take into account.

  • Budget
  • Homeowner or renter?
  • Your area’s current crime rate
  • The value of the items stored in your home
  • The amount of time spent outside of the home

By analyzing each of these factors and comparing them to your own personal situation, you will be able to figure out precisely what is needed to quell your concerns. Setting a budget is pertinent and should not be ignored. The best home security systems aren’t always the most expensive so don’t dwell on the figure too long.

Area’s Crime Rate

Now, you should realize that the crime rate could vary wildly depending on your residential location. Some consumers are fortunate enough to live in an area, which is blessed with a moderate to low crime rate. These individuals will most likely be able to calm their fears with a less costly security system. Those that live in a crime-ridden area will undoubtedly need to spend a little extra. Gearing your purchase towards the crime rate in your area is highly recommended, as this will help to ensure your home is perfectly secured in a much more cost effective manner.

Time Spent Away From Home

Next, you should figure out how frequently your home would be completely abandoned. Although some criminals are brazen enough to try and attempt a home invasion, the majority will not have the gall. Instead, homes that are completely empty will be more suitable targets. If you travel consistently and your home is going to be vacant frequently, you will want to spend a little extra. This will allow you to travel freely, without worrying too much about your home.

Examining The Security Systems

After you’ve formulated a list of needs and desires, you will need to begin exploring your options. Home security systems vary significantly and the differentials are plentiful. In order to make a more informed decision, you will need to better educate yourself with the features of security systems. These will be explored in greater depth below.

Monitoring Choices

In the past, consumers have very limited options, when choosing a security system for their home. This is no longer the case. Their options are more abound than ever before. When it comes to monitoring options, the consumer can choose between self-monitored or professionally monitored systems. Although both will fulfill its intended purpose, they’ll do so in completely different manners. A self-monitored system will require you to watch over the system and react responsible, when an alert is received. The upside is that these systems are a little less costly.

Professionally monitored systems are undoubtedly more costly, but they deliver added security. This is the case, because a team of experts, who will immediately alert the authorities, when an emergency arises, monitors these systems.

Available Components

Now, it is time to get into the various components. When selecting a home security system, you can easily setup a comprehensive system, with an abundance of different components, but this will not always be reasonable. Instead, some homeowners will need the bare minimum. A security camera and a few motion detection alarms may be enough to quell your worries. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of components, which can be added to your arsenal.

  • Control panel
  • Siren and strobe
  • Motion detector
  • Camera
  • Door and window contact
  • Smoke and fire alarm

Although each system will not need all of these components, giving consideration to all is highly recommended. There are basic solutions, which are better suited for those residing in area with low crime rates. Those plagued with a high crime rate should seriously consider a more complex and thorough solution to the problem.

Installation Choices

When exploring the array of security systems at Gritton Sales, you will find those that are easy to install, as well as some, which will require the assistance of an expert. Although each system will prove to be exceptionally effective, only one installation choice will suit your needs to perfection. If you consider yourself to be a handy individual and good with tools, you will definitely want to consider opting for a DIY security system. Installing the system on your own will definitely save you a large sum of money.

Opting for a wired system will likely require the assistance of a true expert. Of course, spending a little extra is generally worth it and most homeowners will concur.

Is Mobile Access A Necessity?

Now, you should have already familiarized yourself with the abundance of tech advancements, which have been unveiled in the past few years. These improvements have delivered added convenience to consumers and improved functionality to security systems. The majority is now available with mobile access and control. Although the feature isn’t necessarily a requirement for preventing a burglary, it can undoubtedly calm your nerves. If you wish to be able to control and access your security system from anywhere in the world, be sure to choose a security system, which offers access from your mobile phone.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve learned precisely what you need and have examined each of your options, it is time to find a system, which will prove to be satisfactory. At Gritton Sales, you will be able to do just that. When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll be here to help you.